About Rheah

     Rheah is a screenwriter from Tampa, Florida who credits her family’s eclectic tastes in television and film to her passion for writing. Growing up in a family of six, there was always a movie or television show being played in the house. Though she enjoyed her mother’s love for 80’s VHS wrestling tapes, her sisters’ fascination with Archie Bunker, Xena and FernGulley, and even her brother’s fixation with Jimmy Neutron, Rheah was most influenced by her father’s unwavering devotion to the Sci-Fi genre. Together, they would sit and watch for hours such shows as Star Trek, Star Wars, Star-Gate, Battlestar Galactica (really, anything with a star). For Rheah, Science Fiction was the godfather to imagination in entertainment. This drove her to complete her first "screenplay" at age thirteen.


    To date, Rheah has nearly 40 original works planned with 6 being completed and 10 near completion or in-progress.

    Rheah dedicates her writing to her sister Yhavina and father Renay.

    "We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails."
                                                                        - Bertha W. Call




Animation Fantasy Feature -PG
Dark forces threaten the peaceful Illumine Fairyland. To save their people, three young Illumine Fairies and their winged Unicorn companion must venture into enemy territory to retrieve an enchanted long lost object before their enemies find it first.

Comedy Feature - PG-13
After loveable, manchild Johniee is knocked from his bike, he is cured of a sleep disorder he never knew he had which at times causes him to act out his dreams.

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Comedy Feature- PG13
An indirect sequel to Johniee.
After breaking off her engagement, the beautiful and successful Yvonne is immediately pursued by the handsome and equally successful Charles whose wooing tactics are as obnoxious as they are persuasive.

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Fantasy Feature- PG13
In the tone of Diana Prince shaking hands with Arya Stark, a young Empress masters newfound, god-like powers to obtain revenge for the murder of her father by the adjoining land's Czar; powers a vindictive Realm Emissary desires to manipulate for his own revenge against the man he has hated for 8,000 years - the young Empress' true father.

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One Hour Non-Linear Drama - TV -MA
Set in New York City at the launch of the roaring 20's, Fitzgerald Broadberry is the richest, most prominent man in the city. But when he is found dead, his entire household staff, young wife and visiting friends will be called into question as each has their own motivation to murder he who was once hailed the kindest man in town.

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One Hour Sci-Fi  Drama - TV-14
When feuding alien races make themselves known to earth's inhabitants, a small group of survivors will travel cross-country to diffuse the atom bombs set in place by their own government that could wipe out the alien races and mankind alike.


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